The Carter IV… A Dud??!?

Before his release from prison Lil Wayne announced that he would be scrapping everything he already had recorded for the next issuance in the Carter series and would record all new songs upon his release. Then, a week or so later he announced he would return to writing songs for this album. I think we can all agree that the hype building up to the last album was due because of the space in between C2 an C3 and the amount of material that he filled the space with.(enough to fill that offbrand mp3 that you reluctantly got that cousin for Christmas to save some $ instead of a REAL ipod touch) with the Carter 4 being rumored for a second or early third quarter release is it possible that it can be any good or is there not enough time to build up buzz? With Wayne 6months is enough time to have 6 kids but what about an album? I don’t want to be disappointed like that time I thought ATL would be a gangsta movie. Should he forget about a release in 2011 at all n just crush everybody’s instrumentals a la 2008? #weighin


2 thoughts on “The Carter IV… A Dud??!?

  1. Watts says:

    I feel you man… About the mp3 player LOL!!! I’m anxious to see what C IV has to offer man, whenever drops. Wayne is a different breed of a lyricist, but like everything in the world there pros n cons. But only time and units sold will reveal the verdict.

    • Dude is ill, but like someone was saying yesterday this is an ADD/ ADHD society, you have to market to them n hit them hard, look what happened to Nelly, there wasn’t enough push for that, n compared to his past albums it flopped. you can’t just have 2 singles no more, people gotta be singing 10/11 of your songs before they willing to drop cash, unless you’re Taylor Swift

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