H.A.M. – Hov Ate Mr. West

The supposed first single for Watch the Throne came out this morning. (I thought the first single was that song that came out a min ago{which nobody liked} with that redhead chic [from La Roux which no black people know]) Nullus. H.A.M. produced by Lex Lugor, the 1017 Brick Squad producer behind Waka Flocka’s “Hard in the Paint”, Rick Ross’s “B.M.F.” and “MC Hammer”, is precisely what you would expect from Lex Lugor. It’s high energy, if you a dancer it makes you want to dance. If you’re a rapper it makes you want to rap. If you are a blogger it makes you want to blog. Hence this post. More important though is the work of both Kanye West and Jay- Z on the single. Many said, including Maino on his 2011 predicitions over at XXLmag.com that Kanye would go into beast mode and outshine Jay-Z. Then people all over the music endowed world would say that Kanye is better than Hov. If H.A.M. is any preview of the album, Jay-Z still has the throne but Kanye is easily on the final approach. Neither multi- platinum rapper completely did the beat justice but that doesn’t call for people to go all A Milli on it. On the other hand the self proclaimed “God MC” was out of line for that chorus. I know we going H.A.M. and all but did he really need to break out the Porky the pig voice? check it out at http://www.xxlmag.com/bangers/2011/01/kanye-west-jay-z-h-a-m/

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