Who Gone Sing the Soulful Hook Now?

So I leave out the country for a few days and by the time I check the interwebs, Drake gets in trouble for saying Bloodclot, which apparently is illegal to say onstage in Jamaica (who knew), Lupe Fiasco has the number 1 album in America (which I bought so big ups to me), and Nate Dogg has died? Oh lawd no! A while back I read a post over at XXLmag.com where they were comparing featured artists, and while T-Pain has been featured on more hooks (which may come as a surprise to some and a face plant to others) you can’t place quantity over quality. Nate Dogg made it gangsta to sing in the first place. Like Ice Cube once said, if Nate Dogg singing on it you know its a hit (i paraphrase). The rap/ R&B/ Music world in general will be affected majorly. R.I.P. Nate Dogg… If heaven has a ghetto, then it should have a baptist church, with a choir, with Nate Dogg singing in it.


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