Extended Infatuation

If our happiness was weighed in waves and spasms
then our beginning days were all orgasms
now the chasms that exist are arrows’ exit wounds
misguided truths and love swooned and claimed too soon
we’re doomed but not peaked and as I speak we creep
ever closer to a fork in the road one cannot leap
i wish we could drive past and go straight
i wish there was no wait
no postment for our love; no wake
but there’s something in prime view and it’s time to
evaluate, if my past is everything you hate
if who you are you can’t shake
if this is really fate, then why procrastinate?
why lag and wait, let time pass and hate?
leave me with this inner debate
and let sour feelings culminate?
why not trust that everything that I am with you
is more decent more credible
more kind than anything before you
Why can’t I help but adore you?
Why, if you love me, can’t love make the decision for you?
there are circumstances, it’s not simple
all cliched and dramatic
i’m all emotion and you’re anti climatic
what causes this static
that makes space so tragic
i can’t fix it with widgets and gadgets
If love is peace then why don’t i have it?
In exploration I’m Lewis to your Clark
maybe we were each other’s Sakajawea
Who led who? and who are you to pretend?
And what do we do at the continents end


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