Got You Thinking

I verbally offend You
mentally I fought You
my thoughts brew
what does it take to spark You?
Can I be the cause that effects
a pause in your breath
pleasant surprise caught in your chest
even if You tried to walk away
it put a halt in your step
can I be a muse to You
instead being the one
Who brings blues to You
I could be the one
who’s sweet moves sooth You
Take You on a helicopter ride
over an urban horizon
sounds silenced by rotors
Louder than Sirens
The only communication
the Love that my eyes send
til a stare is more likely compared
to late night sultry discussions
that cause You to squeeze your thighs in
and as we cruise above the city
the sights I’m transmitting
reminiscent of scenes depicting
the words of Eric Jerome Dickey
inspiration of a seperate world
translated through a glance quickly
And if I could get your mind flowing
feeling the fluids of creativity
without the acidity of negativity
just the bulb glowing
picture us on a sailboat
without the hull showing
at full mast wind blowing
Us two captain and lieutenant
motor idled we drift slowly
surrounded by waves
And the sea rolling
stars cradling Us
like an infant in new clothing
and as the wind passes over
and the consellations shift
the sun rises over the ocean
with my hand in your fist
Suttle roar lights brightening
my heart beats the waves pitch
And all is it should be
as we close our eyes and graze lips
then the sounds of the ocean
are frozen the stars out of focus
wait, wait
now that I got You thinking
maybe now we’re not so hopeless


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