How Do You Define Jazzy?

How do you define Jazzy?
It’s a culmination of fierce tough
Remarkable unique-
Personality so bright it seems her sun wouldn’t set
She doesn’t walk through the rain drops
She just so dominant the clouds wouldn’t threat
Wanted by every man she’s ever met
Easy to like HARD to forget
Priceless works of art have been rendered tryna depict
Her class her sass her soul her wit
The sugar spice the aura she emit
She doesn’t walk she glides
She doesn’t gulp she, sips
A Jazzy woman ain’t gotta be
Media projected beautiful
Or supermodel thin
She luxurious without Louis V monograms on her skin
Money won’t make her Jazzy
Social class don’t take effect
Your schools don’t measure her intelligence
You wealth don’t mean her success
Jazzy women aren’t involved in mess
They not nasty
They not rude
They don’t like drama
They don’t cause stress
They grind the wheels that make the earth revolve
They don’t cause complications they get problems resolved
What’s Jazzy?
Jazzy is a hard worker a student, a chauffer, a doctor, a philosopher
A comedian, a do-it yourself-er a mother
She spiritual, she don’t have to go to Church
Or Mosque or Synagogue for God to Love her
She’s fabulous shapely well put together
She turns nothing to something on the regular
She turns regular to extraordinary endeavors
She’s cunning stunning, feared, clever
A 1000 ways to define her benefit
Men get her now supplies are limited
Boys stay out of her path her wraith is vindictive
What’s Jazzy?
Jazzy is Cleopatra
Jazzy is Joan of Arc
Jazzy is Mother Theresa
Jazzy is Susan B. Anthony
Jazzy is Coretta Scott King
Jazzy is Benazir Bhutto
Jazzy is Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Jazzy is Michelle Obama
Finding a Jazzy woman is crucial
And mine was made in St. Lucia


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