Seek Help

hey say I need to seek help
Whether ecstasy or endorphins I don’t even think
And if I am thinking, think I don’t need a shrink
Not either 1 and I don’t even drink
don’t even rave the hurt’s on me
feeling lonely & dazed; old homies
say it’s only a phase
fired on me, but only it brazed
I feel the phonies if only it paid
People phoned me; feeling wrongly for days
Tried to console me, say it’s only her age
these dual should duel; little old me the stage-
prize, age wise I’m they size
My soul bony & beige
& rather bruised so have you two
tatted to the tattered halves & spattered glue
logic my Elmer’s magic brew
but senses fail & marriage too
therapists glare at this
& tell me what the patterns have to do?
Have a clue? Yeah me too?
Dare me do? You fairly new
‘ll have me fueled, when I’m barely fused
How you fair the cruise? we have the news
the ship is sinking, we have these crews
for sake my heart & spare me truths
Seek Counseling, but it’s barely used
Love’s my drug my tragic blues
My addiction affliction obsession
no counselor my own witness objection
Still charter my sense of direction
& bartered my sense of discretion
Still I’m farther & within the lesson
Acknowledge I’m given to guessing
This pain no prescription could lessen
From the bastion I bellowed a question
Though I savagely hint at aggression
& so lavishly live in depression
Though You captured me with Your conception
No one else could be You, You’re a blessing
Though You having me tortured & testing
Helping me hurting me stressing
“Seek Help, what the sense in the session?”


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