Seriously Scared Of Lonely

I posed the question
What are You afraid of?
Now the blood rushing
Got You blushing
Heart beating like percussions
Pressure crushing so You open mouth and proclaim:
Coulrophobia fear of clowns
Lollypopguildophobia fear of midgets (true story)
Enetophobia fear of needles
Amychophobia fear of wind
Truth be told all of that is phony
The fear that’s got us acting wrongly
Is that we all
Scared of
Only reason women out there in uncomfortable wire C’s
Forgiving D rated dudes for they prior deeds
Is they yearning for support, one of they dire needs
And I proceed to fill beds like heads
Full of lust and lined with grief
Cuz after my sessions there’s regression
Full fledged phobia when orgasmic writhings cease
I take advantage cuz I know
Women can’t STAND it when I leave
Scratching notches in my bedpost
Made of sorrow & make believe
As a man I stand phallic symbol out and towering
The little boy and old man inside me
In a corner cowering
All this anxiety just gone leave me senile and glowering
Cuz when we focus the fear turns to forever from temporary
And the fright festers from what was once momentary
& we miss moments made and meant to be merry
Men scare too sitting real love on the night stand
Along with compensation
Replacing intimacy for imitation
Smiling faces for elation
Due to inflation
For an extra 500 she contemplating actually staying
But not if you aint paying
Same kind of therapy anna nicole smith gave
When smiles flip as quick as a switchblade
You scared to be outside of a pair like a split spade
Your heart entrusted in others’ hands
Gamblers throwing snake eyes, a lover’s glance
Instead of taking a stance
Chest out head up
Hand steady
Leaning on your own will only
Faced up to say
I am no longer
Scared of
“Hey girl I’m glad you called I was starting to get Lonely!”


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