or your sake, I’ve diminished myself
In Love’s cells, & I’ve sentenced myself
Constructed the heartbreak hotel
I’m a tenent myself
give it a few days I’ma just be in it myself
What drives Us to this Edge, This Cliff?
I wonder if my faults have created this riff
peaked over the Edge now I’m fated to slip
I found my execution stayed with a grip
But as my Heart holds firm
My Head says I should quit
Thinking bout jumping off a ledge
in all seriousness
Can’t picture You with him or them
maybe all my sentiments
made me as sweet as cinnamon
I wanna be firm with You but I tend to bend
Rough edges got me so ungentleman
While You playing games that You tend to win
I sink Again, Its Sink or Swim
Think I’d save myself? Think again
And as I write my thoughts’ll be
On this razor blade parting me
From my arteries pardon me
But these thoughts keep jarring me
Sorry B, but it so horridly torments me
My whole night is shot, like I want to be
Why am I so fatal
When you treat me as just a phase
See my serious face & would rather play
tell ME another LIE, should I be honest, for what?
I knew You had gone in for lust
Though I held a bad hand, I had gone in for much
My heart’s my wager, now calling your bluff
All the cards now gone with a gust
We both messed up now gone is the trust


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