Selling Your Art

Most Americans have a hobby which borders on art. Whether it’s singing,dancing, writing and performing poetry or even burping. Some people actually try to make a living from these hobbies; and run into a huge problem. What price do you put on your art? If you write songs iTunes would have you believe your work is only worth 99¢ ($1.29 if you’re Justin Beiber.)  If you are a painter maybe you think your work is priceless like Michelangelo but comes out looking more like this.

whatever the case it may be hard for you to ascribe a price to something you have worked so hard to accomplish. I have always been a fan of art setting it’s own price. By finding out how much others are willing to pay for certain items you set reasonable third party expectations. Also you avoid the awkward moment of realizing that your art is not what you thought it was worth by someone refusing to pay such a price.



2 thoughts on “Selling Your Art

  1. For graphic artists, the annual Graphic Artists Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook is a good general pricing guide. Remember that it’s union pricing, though. The upper end prices are a bit high, but the lower end is pretty much right. Also, this assumes you can produce professional quality work. If you’re an amateur, you can’t expect to get these prices. Also, the market is fierce. You need to actually be good to sell your stuff at all.

    Regardless of your skill, if you’re serious about your art, It isn’t a bad idea to join a local artist’s club. They can give you advice on your pricing and help you make contacts to sell and show your work. Depending on the type of art you’re working with, there may be professional organizations that would be advantageous to join. For example, I am a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) which is a national professional group. I’m also a member of the Olathe Visual Artists Association (OVA) which is a local artists club in my community.

    Pricing is always a thorny subject because it varies so widely between artists. Everyone struggles with it at first. Good luck setting your prices!

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