Heauxs be Winning

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about a subject near and dear to my heart: heauxs. More specifically sex, materialism, and compensation. I won’t get too deep into my illustrious past but I’ve had some escapades. I’ve been called the “H” word before. BUT I’ve never been specifically paid for services . I can say the same for most of my brothers in arms. For the most part the only compensation any of us have gotten is a fair exchange. In some cases, a good story or some gas money at best. Any number of women would have called us heauxs in that pre- settling down period. On the other hand, We live in a culture that promotes actual prostitution. Even ordinary women want to be “tipped” and what’s worse nobody’s is condemning this. So the question I have for women is, how can you call men heauxs for trying to have as much sex as possible just because they like it, yet not say anything when you know you have a friend/sister/ acquaintance who is having sex for, heels, bills, and Benzes? The question I have for men is, why aren’t we getting more out of this exchange? #weighin