Win Win

Sometimes when you’re winning there’s pressure to keep winning. But look at the margin of error. In the NBA and NFL there’s a 3% chance of winning the championship. (although the odds go up if you have a Lebron James or Tom Brady) But whenever you consider what it takes to “win” remember no one ever wins without a team. Even in one man sports such as a track and field (Husain Bolt) and swimming (Michael Phelps) the behind the scenes people make it possible for an individual to win. So with that being said I predict that the NY Giants will go the way 2011 Dallas Mavericks did. Having a stripped down team that does “well” but does not make a repeat performance.


Fresno Pacific Player Naked Rampage

Leonard Young allegedly returned to his apartment about an hour after getting the boot and proceeded to get drunk and tear the place up. He then took off all of his clothes (uh, why?) and ran through the neighboring streets naked before ending up at a convenience store, where he pounded on the bulletproof glass windows. In the parking lot outside, he then assaulted two women and knocked one of them to the ground. At that point, police arrived and tried to subdue Young. But he jumped into the front seat of their car, put it in drive, and attempted to pull off. In an effort to stop him from driving away, one of the responding officers shot his Taser at Young once, twice, and then a third time—but it didn’t faze him. They finally managed to pry his hands free from the car’s steering wheel by beating one of his wrists with a flashlight (Note to self: Don’t make fun of cops equipped with flashlights anymore!) but not before a police dog bit Young and was then subsequently punched in the face by him. Finally, they handcuffed him and took him down to the station.