Video: Payphone Maroon 5 feat. Wiz Khalifa


let me caveate this by saying that I actually like Maroon 5 (don’t judge me) but this song is off. First, wear the fuck is there a payphone even at? Even if I ever believed Adam Levine was absolutely alone without a single cell phone around, or iPad with facetime, have you tried to find a payphone lately? When I was a kid every parking lot, street corner, grocery store and gas station had a payphone. Nowadays you can’t find one to save your life. I’ll wait….. To add insult to injury Wiz Khalifa’s verse was terribly off topic. I thought he would come on and talk about how he stole Adam Levine girl and how he has a pocket full of change, like more quarters nickels and dimes than he has tattoos and he still wouldn’t give Adam money to call his girl. Nope not the case, his verse was all about how he has money now and haters, who used to be down but now things have changed…. and was that a stab at Kanye at the end of the verse??!? I’m not instigating but both these dudes running round with somebody’s sloppy seconds so who can really say anything? Actually with Kim K it’s like thirds or fourths by this point (if the lil bow wow rumors are true). But I digress, this song could have been good like a decade or two ago when only the superrich/ drugdealers/ superrichdrugdealers had cell phones and the rest of us had to wait til we got home to make that all important call.




change (POv)

My lifestyle is like my wardrobe
soon as it get tainted I change it
n when my car dirty I dont wash it I paint it
as if to say them stains is
not still underneath
but I’m still the one to tweet
Like I’m the freshest online like an AOL log in
AND oops begging your pardon,
they can’t see me but they facetime calling
or Evo Qik’ing me now these hoes picking me
and im lost in that ocean wet I think Nemo’s here with me
People saying that I changed and I act like that’s preposterous
but I act more like these college kids than ill admit
and act like my knowledge is not worth acknowledgment
when that’s what got my pockets thick like shots of collagen
n my girl ask about my toxicology and that’s when I’ll switch-
with my will smith looking self
and got spiced with my cajun grits cooking self
water trapped in ice, I’m just full of self
Now you expect a mans form to transform after a few vows
when a couple months ago I was a lying devil that was too foul
Even though my feelings waned I couldn’t let her feel the pain
Gave up being all that I could be to B.G.
I may have lied to you but kept it real with me so
in my eyes I’m still the same
but you saying
you want the paint to drip off
my grasp on the truth to slip off
and whatever I’m holding onto
to take my grip off
whatever I got bottled up I need to twist off?
What if what it is..about me
That seems ,…cloudy
Makes you doubt me
What would you do
If you found out that while you was in FL
and i was being too real
and i took them two O’s out and gave them to you
i would be treal but oo you would be a fool

what if the changes we going through
are coming from this relationship
we should have never come into
would that change your point of view?