The Backs of Heads

I sit at the front Imageof the class

not because I’m a straight laced student

but because my mind wanders

at the sight of the backs of heads

there’s the guy who deeply needs a haircut

and he always leans too far back

his uncomfortable Isoplus smelling hair

spilling onto the desk behind him

he bothered me all last semester

so I sit at the front of the class

so I don’t see that girl oh that girl

those golden highlights

betrayed by her roots

her kitchen gelled & untruthful

tattoo behind her ear of

some cliche- ascending stars

or music notes

or a fleur de lis

and she is wanted like the tag

ʞuıd which sticks up against her spine

that guilded chain which I know

is not stamped but I know she is

and I know she knows and so

I sit at the front of the class now

But then I wonder….

Who’s staring at the back of my Isoplus smelling head