Matriarchal Success

What does it take for a girl

to succeed in this patriarchal world?

When she was a twinkle in his eye

it took lust

When she was a fire in his loins

it took thrust

When she was a decision for his morals

he was just

When she was defenseless

it took trust

But when it took care, impossibly

she was crushed

Now that girl wounded in pieces

What does she do?

Now that girl wooed as he pleases

She thought she knew

Now That Girl fooled and mistreated

Does she come unglued?

Does she climb atop another Obelisk

Claim a new Ra

Flood and destroy her pyramid

only to lose her

Does she sit as her child dies

Is she akin to Cleopatras imagining

is she Revered like Mary?

or Relegated like Mary Magdalene?

Does she know her ancestor

was a Shaman?

Does she just watch as

manifest destiny happens

What does it take for her to succeed?

Does she require two successful parents

Does she pull herself up by the boot straps

Does she pull herself up by the bra straps

Does she burn her bra & love freely of thought tax

Does she hate the tree & act with a false axe

Is she pantsuits & lawsuits

Is she fishnets & fishscale

Is she blue collar & blue pills

Jerse Shore or Maya Moore Jersey Sales

Is she Pro Life or Pro Love

Is she big girl’s club or Bad Girls Club

Does it take her rape, her pride,

her respect, her objectification,

her humility, her sexuality,

her intelligence, her piece of mind,

her piece of the dream, her morality,

her history, her identity,

HER SOUL to succeed…

And after all that.. is that.. Success?

Rough Language

i feel like today everybody on a poetic kick
tear at the corner of my eye
tearing at my soul so i’ma let it rip
Forgive me Lord cuz I cant keep these words celibate
my mouthpiece f*ckn up my whole world
even if I try to keep my lips zipped
flipped a finger off and i let it slip
now i just sit in disgust like a mouth sore
my heart’s dark delving outpour
stare reminiscent of the cold shoulder of an outlaw
and all they said was “he just need to get out more”
but with my harsh outpour I’ve done it
sharply, without blunting
i full force out brunted
now my misery’s company is an unfortunate 500
if you low-balled the figures would out- number it
and the captains of this industry
are vehemently bitterly bickering
typically depicting what men must be
the vile bile we find in us, we
harness and garnish to flourish iniquity
finding new toilet talk and flushing our dignity

This is as far as I got then i started doing too much and had another mindset

Seek Help

hey say I need to seek help
Whether ecstasy or endorphins I don’t even think
And if I am thinking, think I don’t need a shrink
Not either 1 and I don’t even drink
don’t even rave the hurt’s on me
feeling lonely & dazed; old homies
say it’s only a phase
fired on me, but only it brazed
I feel the phonies if only it paid
People phoned me; feeling wrongly for days
Tried to console me, say it’s only her age
these dual should duel; little old me the stage-
prize, age wise I’m they size
My soul bony & beige
& rather bruised so have you two
tatted to the tattered halves & spattered glue
logic my Elmer’s magic brew
but senses fail & marriage too
therapists glare at this
& tell me what the patterns have to do?
Have a clue? Yeah me too?
Dare me do? You fairly new
‘ll have me fueled, when I’m barely fused
How you fair the cruise? we have the news
the ship is sinking, we have these crews
for sake my heart & spare me truths
Seek Counseling, but it’s barely used
Love’s my drug my tragic blues
My addiction affliction obsession
no counselor my own witness objection
Still charter my sense of direction
& bartered my sense of discretion
Still I’m farther & within the lesson
Acknowledge I’m given to guessing
This pain no prescription could lessen
From the bastion I bellowed a question
Though I savagely hint at aggression
& so lavishly live in depression
Though You captured me with Your conception
No one else could be You, You’re a blessing
Though You having me tortured & testing
Helping me hurting me stressing
“Seek Help, what the sense in the session?”


or your sake, I’ve diminished myself
In Love’s cells, & I’ve sentenced myself
Constructed the heartbreak hotel
I’m a tenent myself
give it a few days I’ma just be in it myself
What drives Us to this Edge, This Cliff?
I wonder if my faults have created this riff
peaked over the Edge now I’m fated to slip
I found my execution stayed with a grip
But as my Heart holds firm
My Head says I should quit
Thinking bout jumping off a ledge
in all seriousness
Can’t picture You with him or them
maybe all my sentiments
made me as sweet as cinnamon
I wanna be firm with You but I tend to bend
Rough edges got me so ungentleman
While You playing games that You tend to win
I sink Again, Its Sink or Swim
Think I’d save myself? Think again
And as I write my thoughts’ll be
On this razor blade parting me
From my arteries pardon me
But these thoughts keep jarring me
Sorry B, but it so horridly torments me
My whole night is shot, like I want to be
Why am I so fatal
When you treat me as just a phase
See my serious face & would rather play
tell ME another LIE, should I be honest, for what?
I knew You had gone in for lust
Though I held a bad hand, I had gone in for much
My heart’s my wager, now calling your bluff
All the cards now gone with a gust
We both messed up now gone is the trust

Extended Infatuation

If our happiness was weighed in waves and spasms
then our beginning days were all orgasms
now the chasms that exist are arrows’ exit wounds
misguided truths and love swooned and claimed too soon
we’re doomed but not peaked and as I speak we creep
ever closer to a fork in the road one cannot leap
i wish we could drive past and go straight
i wish there was no wait
no postment for our love; no wake
but there’s something in prime view and it’s time to
evaluate, if my past is everything you hate
if who you are you can’t shake
if this is really fate, then why procrastinate?
why lag and wait, let time pass and hate?
leave me with this inner debate
and let sour feelings culminate?
why not trust that everything that I am with you
is more decent more credible
more kind than anything before you
Why can’t I help but adore you?
Why, if you love me, can’t love make the decision for you?
there are circumstances, it’s not simple
all cliched and dramatic
i’m all emotion and you’re anti climatic
what causes this static
that makes space so tragic
i can’t fix it with widgets and gadgets
If love is peace then why don’t i have it?
In exploration I’m Lewis to your Clark
maybe we were each other’s Sakajawea
Who led who? and who are you to pretend?
And what do we do at the continents end

Mixtape Release Dates

French Montana, Juicy J & Project Pat – “Cocaine Mafia”

Bobby V – “Vitamin V”

December 22

Mims – “Open Bars”

December 25

Raekwon – “UnExpected Victory”

Omen – “Black Hero Theme Muzik”

Jahlil Beats – “Crack Music 5”

December 30

Phil Ade – “#PhilAdeFridays Vol. 2”

January 1, 2012

T.I. – “#Fuckdacityup”

Birdman & Mack Maine – “Billionaire Minds 2”

January 3, 2012

Chingy – “Jackpot Back”

January 23, 2012

Rockie Fresh – “Driving 88”


Rick Ross – Untitled

Maino – “I Am Who I Am: The Album Before The Album”

Fabolous – “There Is No Competition 3: Death Comes In 3s”

Drake & Rick Ross – “Y.O.L.O.”

Wiz Khalifa – “Taylor Allderdice”

Schoolboy Q – “Habits & Contradictions”

Asher Roth – “Pabst & Jazz”

Cassidy – “I Get It In 3”

Young Buck – “Bond Money”

Jurrarri – “Rubber Band Rrarri”

Glasses Malone – “Cold As Ice”

40 Cal – “Watch the Chrome”