Racism or Ignorance? pt. 2


I try to keep this blog dedicated to my first love, music, as much as possible. However one of my favorite pastimes is obviously niggerishness. I was quite amused by the advent of the Monkey Gang and I might shit myself at an all- white party if this turns out to be a real group bent on rapping about “selling more crack than you”. Culturally, I dnt know if this has any potential to be anymore dangerous than Baracka Flocka Flames but you never know.  While I was partaking of the Monkey Gang trailer, look it up if you haven’t seen it, I came across the story of Reggae artist Vybez Kartel bleaching his skin and then blaming cake soap, then coming out with a song called cake soap and releasing his own brand of cake soap. I’m all for monetary schemes that are at least feasible but what happens when all these ppl buy it and still remain the same color? Vybez tried to compare his bleaching to white people’s tanning, which at best is a stretch. Almost immediately after I got a knock at the door, which turned out to be Jehovah’s Witnesses. Being a semi somewhat good Christian I didn’t slam the door in their face but Lord knows I wanted to. After they left I realized that I had never seen a white Jehovah’s Witness, and besides that one girl that stabbed me with a nail file, I have never seen a Black Mormon. Which makes me wonder are there really separate but equal things that different races share in common? Because to be honest, with both Mormons and Witnesses I dnt know what their faith says I just know we don’t believe it and they both knock on your door and leave you pamphlets which you never read, but promise you will.#weighin… is it ok for there to be race divides like bleaching/ tanning and Mormon/ Jehovah’s witnesses? Am I just a fool and there are a wealth of liteskin Black people tanning and going to Mormon Temple and coming home to their white Jehovah’s Witness significant other?