Opinion: Chris Klewe Defends Gay Marriage

“When Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke out in August in favor of a Maryland ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriage, state Delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. wrote a letter to Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti saying that many football fans are “opposed to such a view” and suggesting that Bisciotti “inhibit such expressions” from his employee.” read the rest of the article here.


Now everybody that knows me know I support gay rights and unions but not calling it marriage. When I started reading this article initially I felt like no matter what I was going to disagree with this guy. But the way the article started I had to side with him. No employer should ever be able to tell their employee how to express their believes outside of work. Now if the guy stopped in the middle of practice or a game God- forbid and went off about this then yes you can step and say hey this is affecting our organization. Cut it out. As a football fan with an opposing view I think it is just as important for Brendon Ayanbadejo to be able to express his view as me to express mine. (or his teammate Matt Birk )

Chik Fil A / Marriage Controversy

This Chik Fil A thing has gotten ridiculous. If you are gay you will never make those of us straight people that don’t believe that you were born gay, believe it. Much like no straight person could make you believe that you weren’t born gay. The bigger issue here is what ends up happening to heterosexual and Christian institutions. If you boycott a company that doesn’t believe what you believe then you are basically saying you don’t want them to earn any money. So then what if you succeed and the company goes out of business? Then when these people with different beliefs than you go somewhere else to be hired do you also boycott them getting a new job? So then it becomes an issue because if this continues you are saying that people with different beliefs than you do not deserve to earn a living and support their family. But wait, isn’t that what homophobic people did to gays in the first place? Wasn’t the whole purpose of your “new civil rights movement” to stop discrimination and give people who believed and lived differently equal rights? If you don’t believe in Christianity, then why do you want a religious institution like marriage? Why then is it not enough to have a ceremony by a Justice of the Peace outside of a church and call it whatever new term you want to make up that’s as fabulous as a union of this sort implies? ( that was a joke, live with it) The fact of the matter is that I don’t believe what you believe, I will not apologize for what I believe nor would I expect you to either. But when my beliefs bleed over into my ability to feed my family and I am opressed because of these beliefs I will not stand for it.

Btw, what’s the deal with all the letters? It used to be LGB then LGBT then LGBTQ now it’s LGBTQIA ? How many sexual preferences can there really be in the world and do they all have to add a letter each year? Next year it will be LGBTQIA EIEIO that’s just plan confusing and does nothing to aid the cause.

PPS. Personally I support gay rights, if you have been able to put up with one person in a house for several years and you get cancer you deserve the same rights as a housewife in the same situation. There is NO good reason why people in a union of this sort should not be accorded equal rights. My only quarrel is that if you want a union not governed by religious precedents rituals and beliefs dont call it a marriage. #boom