The Dirty Slums

Slum Village is back in mixtape form!

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Facebook to Stream WB Movies for $3

In an interesting move Facebook has made a deal with Warner Brothers to start digitally streaming WB movies starting in 2011. The first movie, The Dark Knight will serve as a sort of trial with the full catalog to follow depending on the success. Netflix, the major streaming service in America, took a $12 dollar hit on their stock prices after the announcement. (worried much?) Facebook may be looking to compete as it already has a huge 600 million person customer base and you would still be able to update your status and do all that other rediculous stuff you do on facebook while watching it, but it doesn’t have the ability to stream on all the devices that Netflix can. (Wii, Xbox 360. PS3, iPhone, iPad, pretty much iAnything)… What do yall think? would you pay to watch stuff on FB? #Weighin