Everything Fades

Everything fades
The vibrancy of indigo
The pounding of the waves
Even the sun’s rays
EVERYthing fades
The eyes that used to twinkle
At the profoundness of your ways
Now they’re covered by shades
And even the shades aren’t as dark
Don’t hide the contempt
As well as they once did
The look in the iris leaves you wounded

But everything fades
At different rates
So what used to match
No longer goes together
Both of these were blacks
No longer shown together
Maybe its a difference in the stitching
They werent sewn together
Just gave the appearance
Whenever thrown together
Together but seperate,
Alone as ever

Everything fades
Until its a fad and its hot again
Just to be worn out
With that favorite top again
Just to be worn out
Expectations toppling
A toddler’s grin
A dynasty a rivalry
A bottle spin
Stars supernova, a cosmic end
Roses wilt, like a brilliant mind
Into unconsciousness
War leads to anarchy
Leads to unbridled sin
No Bibles then
No vows no morals
Just idle hands
But even idleness


(C) 2012 Zacarius Pierre

Matriarchal Success

What does it take for a girl

to succeed in this patriarchal world?

When she was a twinkle in his eye

it took lust

When she was a fire in his loins

it took thrust

When she was a decision for his morals

he was just

When she was defenseless

it took trust

But when it took care, impossibly

she was crushed

Now that girl wounded in pieces

What does she do?

Now that girl wooed as he pleases

She thought she knew

Now That Girl fooled and mistreated

Does she come unglued?

Does she climb atop another Obelisk

Claim a new Ra

Flood and destroy her pyramid

only to lose her

Does she sit as her child dies

Is she akin to Cleopatras imagining

is she Revered like Mary?

or Relegated like Mary Magdalene?

Does she know her ancestor

was a Shaman?

Does she just watch as

manifest destiny happens

What does it take for her to succeed?

Does she require two successful parents

Does she pull herself up by the boot straps

Does she pull herself up by the bra straps

Does she burn her bra & love freely of thought tax

Does she hate the tree & act with a false axe

Is she pantsuits & lawsuits

Is she fishnets & fishscale

Is she blue collar & blue pills

Jerse Shore or Maya Moore Jersey Sales

Is she Pro Life or Pro Love

Is she big girl’s club or Bad Girls Club

Does it take her rape, her pride,

her respect, her objectification,

her humility, her sexuality,

her intelligence, her piece of mind,

her piece of the dream, her morality,

her history, her identity,

HER SOUL to succeed…

And after all that.. is that.. Success?

Between a Hero and A Horror

Somewhere between being a hero and a horror
Struggling for words like an asphyxiated author
The mind’s shine is dying out
but still gleam and lean starboard
In this land of true lies
Sometimes its hard to get down to the body of
When terror & adrenaline gripping you like a body glove
& no one to feed you lines like Leo or Arnold
You enhance your mind & treat it like a stronghold
Your heart is on hold & all hope
You could be the same person that somebody loved
Prior to you signing up
Or prior to you shipping out
Now prior to you flipping out
You was a treasure they couldn’t live without
Now check their pulse & fingertips
& see how they feeling now
Feel the ground its tipping now above the roof
We hate police & support the troops
We hate the peace & abort the truth
Each statement means a gloved double deuce
A catch 22 if you didn’t catch it
60 split hairs in as many seconds
Excuses for values without any questions
Ain’t no answers but, uh any questions?
Instead of mentor ship they give semantics
You don’t want a hand out
just want to see where your hand is
you loan morals out
& work with what you’ve been granted
Get defaulted on and your interests vanish
Now all of a sudden you running around in a panic
& down is what’s up
& happy people suck
You can’t trust love
& you cant chance luck
You can’t see straight cuz your eyes are slanted
& everyone keeps giving you sideways glances
you can’t even sleep because your dreams is too strange
You can’t trust friends cuz people do change
Your boss is on your back
Your spouse is in the sack
And you handle all that
Til you get on that plane
But it’s not easy for starters
Somedays you falter
Sometimes you lose sight of what you fought for
Somedays you’re a monster
Somedays you’re a conqueror
but everyday you’re halfway between
a Hero and a Horror




(c) 2012 Zacarius Pierre

change (POv)

My lifestyle is like my wardrobe
soon as it get tainted I change it
n when my car dirty I dont wash it I paint it
as if to say them stains is
not still underneath
but I’m still the one to tweet
Like I’m the freshest online like an AOL log in
AND oops begging your pardon,
they can’t see me but they facetime calling
or Evo Qik’ing me now these hoes picking me
and im lost in that ocean wet I think Nemo’s here with me
People saying that I changed and I act like that’s preposterous
but I act more like these college kids than ill admit
and act like my knowledge is not worth acknowledgment
when that’s what got my pockets thick like shots of collagen
n my girl ask about my toxicology and that’s when I’ll switch-
with my will smith looking self
and got spiced with my cajun grits cooking self
water trapped in ice, I’m just full of self
Now you expect a mans form to transform after a few vows
when a couple months ago I was a lying devil that was too foul
Even though my feelings waned I couldn’t let her feel the pain
Gave up being all that I could be to B.G.
I may have lied to you but kept it real with me so
in my eyes I’m still the same
but you saying
you want the paint to drip off
my grasp on the truth to slip off
and whatever I’m holding onto
to take my grip off
whatever I got bottled up I need to twist off?
What if what it is..about me
That seems ,…cloudy
Makes you doubt me
What would you do
If you found out that while you was in FL
and i was being too real
and i took them two O’s out and gave them to you
i would be treal but oo you would be a fool

what if the changes we going through
are coming from this relationship
we should have never come into
would that change your point of view?


To create is to procreate
Thus I am a father many times over
i gave birth to sonnets, poems
and even tattoos on shoulders
my children have been written on papyrus
and glued under Osirus’ eyelids
holy scriptures penned & viewed by Jesus’ Iris
All rhetoric leveled at the development
of something timeless
so when my baby wakes me at 3am
i give her the nurturing that she needs
rock her til the crys in my head go away
or stay until my ears bleed
& let the pen swing til she falls back asleep
Let them tell it I’m selfish and a deadbeat dad
but I work til i’m exhausted
then try to give her all that I had
left up to the world her upbringing would suck
but i can be as profound as the future
or profane as….
fussy when she’s intentionally woken up
she’s enhanced by beauty sleep
of which she could never get enough
I developed her from a sound, no a letter
created an infantile word when
i put those letters together
i watched those words grow
from a kindergarten sentence
to a graduation thesis
from someone i hoped would turn out decent
to look at the eyes and ears she pleases
myBaby, i been away from her
sometimes it seem I’m on a different path
but she so much a part of me
I would give her a skin graft
so when someone asks if I’m a dad
I just look at them and laugh

Rough Language

i feel like today everybody on a poetic kick
tear at the corner of my eye
tearing at my soul so i’ma let it rip
Forgive me Lord cuz I cant keep these words celibate
my mouthpiece f*ckn up my whole world
even if I try to keep my lips zipped
flipped a finger off and i let it slip
now i just sit in disgust like a mouth sore
my heart’s dark delving outpour
stare reminiscent of the cold shoulder of an outlaw
and all they said was “he just need to get out more”
but with my harsh outpour I’ve done it
sharply, without blunting
i full force out brunted
now my misery’s company is an unfortunate 500
if you low-balled the figures would out- number it
and the captains of this industry
are vehemently bitterly bickering
typically depicting what men must be
the vile bile we find in us, we
harness and garnish to flourish iniquity
finding new toilet talk and flushing our dignity

This is as far as I got then i started doing too much and had another mindset

How Do You Define Jazzy?

How do you define Jazzy?
It’s a culmination of fierce tough
Remarkable unique-
Personality so bright it seems her sun wouldn’t set
She doesn’t walk through the rain drops
She just so dominant the clouds wouldn’t threat
Wanted by every man she’s ever met
Easy to like HARD to forget
Priceless works of art have been rendered tryna depict
Her class her sass her soul her wit
The sugar spice the aura she emit
She doesn’t walk she glides
She doesn’t gulp she, sips
A Jazzy woman ain’t gotta be
Media projected beautiful
Or supermodel thin
She luxurious without Louis V monograms on her skin
Money won’t make her Jazzy
Social class don’t take effect
Your schools don’t measure her intelligence
You wealth don’t mean her success
Jazzy women aren’t involved in mess
They not nasty
They not rude
They don’t like drama
They don’t cause stress
They grind the wheels that make the earth revolve
They don’t cause complications they get problems resolved
What’s Jazzy?
Jazzy is a hard worker a student, a chauffer, a doctor, a philosopher
A comedian, a do-it yourself-er a mother
She spiritual, she don’t have to go to Church
Or Mosque or Synagogue for God to Love her
She’s fabulous shapely well put together
She turns nothing to something on the regular
She turns regular to extraordinary endeavors
She’s cunning stunning, feared, clever
A 1000 ways to define her benefit
Men get her now supplies are limited
Boys stay out of her path her wraith is vindictive
What’s Jazzy?
Jazzy is Cleopatra
Jazzy is Joan of Arc
Jazzy is Mother Theresa
Jazzy is Susan B. Anthony
Jazzy is Coretta Scott King
Jazzy is Benazir Bhutto
Jazzy is Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf
Jazzy is Michelle Obama
Finding a Jazzy woman is crucial
And mine was made in St. Lucia

Seriously Scared Of Lonely

I posed the question
What are You afraid of?
Now the blood rushing
Got You blushing
Heart beating like percussions
Pressure crushing so You open mouth and proclaim:
Coulrophobia fear of clowns
Lollypopguildophobia fear of midgets (true story)
Enetophobia fear of needles
Amychophobia fear of wind
Truth be told all of that is phony
The fear that’s got us acting wrongly
Is that we all
Scared of
Only reason women out there in uncomfortable wire C’s
Forgiving D rated dudes for they prior deeds
Is they yearning for support, one of they dire needs
And I proceed to fill beds like heads
Full of lust and lined with grief
Cuz after my sessions there’s regression
Full fledged phobia when orgasmic writhings cease
I take advantage cuz I know
Women can’t STAND it when I leave
Scratching notches in my bedpost
Made of sorrow & make believe
As a man I stand phallic symbol out and towering
The little boy and old man inside me
In a corner cowering
All this anxiety just gone leave me senile and glowering
Cuz when we focus the fear turns to forever from temporary
And the fright festers from what was once momentary
& we miss moments made and meant to be merry
Men scare too sitting real love on the night stand
Along with compensation
Replacing intimacy for imitation
Smiling faces for elation
Due to inflation
For an extra 500 she contemplating actually staying
But not if you aint paying
Same kind of therapy anna nicole smith gave
When smiles flip as quick as a switchblade
You scared to be outside of a pair like a split spade
Your heart entrusted in others’ hands
Gamblers throwing snake eyes, a lover’s glance
Instead of taking a stance
Chest out head up
Hand steady
Leaning on your own will only
Faced up to say
I am no longer
Scared of
“Hey girl I’m glad you called I was starting to get Lonely!”


she say you… you sonofabitch
she mad now she wana take a razr to my wrist
i swear i didn’t mean no harm
i apologize for my pre
vious goings on
but she up in her room
crying up a storm
i’m gone
cuz whenever i phone
i grunt and then i groan
she be on the line
naggin mid-night to the morn
like when your cell phone ring nirvana
some chic called named katana
my girl promised no more drama
but every message is a problem
now how do i explain
the rumors and the envy
when they come a plenty
and i just look all guilty
i say i’ma G1
i’ma man 2
i ain’t got a three
i’m just gone do what i’m gone do
but my inbox she always going through
she search my roc files tryna get a dj clue
but the blackberry, always got the sweetest juice
dont suspect that white girl
standing between me and that grey goose
them camera phone angles
they just be so obtuse
but every new message
puttin my neck up in a noose
she say if one more ex text
then we are through
wish she could see it through my vu
but she don’t even dare
i be like i got proof
and she don’t even care
i guess that i just propel her
to not trust me forever
so she left a text of her own:
i can do better

ظالمتي الحلوة و المرّة

Artistically try to distance myself from the heartbreak, i draw near
out of the bitterness i partake, my parts clear
say she can find better well go ahead and find it
this relationship is squeezing in on me like the heimlich
all this time spent wonder where my mind went
Now I’ll never trust again
Yeah I’m back on lust again
I found a new synonym: deceit=estrogen
need a wife I can trust, deployment like a prison nigga
you get a kite she going out & she always taking Chrises with her
so many bitches out, why I always pick the litter?
you know what I deserve it
cuz I ain’t always perfect
these women only want me on they arms like purses
and i could blame me cuz blaming me is popular
and it won’t stain for long, just like a pair of dockers
fight depression with beer goggles yeah they my blue blockers
we gone be back together the simple truth I love her
but we got some growth that we still got to discover
My bittersweet opressor