On Her Mind

You don’t respect my mind
Make me feel stupid in front of my friends
In front of your friends
No regard for feelings
Disregard opinions
Got me looking at other women
You turn me down
When you could’ve said yes
But you only say no cuz it’s something I wanted
It’s not like it’s something we can’t afford
Its because you just don’t want it
Or is it because you don’t want me to have it
Don’t want me to be happy
Control my life
You ain’t my family
You ain’t much while I’m at it
By myself I can do badly
Why you always feel like you gotta compare me
“You’re not like such and such”
“You don’t do like so and so”
You not still with them though
Why you gotta kick me when I’m already feeling low
Why you want me to be different so…
You never compliment my hair or the way I dress
When I do more you tell me do less
Criticize the way I talk or walk always have me stressed
Why you gotta be so difficult
You never seemed pleased
Even when I break my back
Even when I’m down on my knees
And he said….
Same thing goes for you
I get on my knees to please you
Break my back working to feed you
You say I talk like a thug
Say I walk with a limp
Complain I’m gone too much
But you’re quiet when the money gets spent
Think I should dress with more swagger
Think an s- curl would make me look pimp
When I’m loud I’m too ghetto
When I’m reading I’m nothing like him
Compare me to such and such
Cuz he gave you every frivolous whim
Always asking for something
But you never talking bout doing nothing
And you want everything in the world
But tell me baby…
When did you start to like girls?

I think I put a nice spin on this. Obviously if you understood where I was going with this you know off top that this is not about me.

The Carter IV… A Dud??!?

Before his release from prison Lil Wayne announced that he would be scrapping everything he already had recorded for the next issuance in the Carter series and would record all new songs upon his release. Then, a week or so later he announced he would return to writing songs for this album. I think we can all agree that the hype building up to the last album was due because of the space in between C2 an C3 and the amount of material that he filled the space with.(enough to fill that offbrand mp3 that you reluctantly got that cousin for Christmas to save some $ instead of a REAL ipod touch) with the Carter 4 being rumored for a second or early third quarter release is it possible that it can be any good or is there not enough time to build up buzz? With Wayne 6months is enough time to have 6 kids but what about an album? I don’t want to be disappointed like that time I thought ATL would be a gangsta movie. Should he forget about a release in 2011 at all n just crush everybody’s instrumentals a la 2008? #weighin