Opinion: Chris Klewe Defends Gay Marriage

“When Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke out in August in favor of a Maryland ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriage, state Delegate Emmett C. Burns Jr. wrote a letter to Ravens owner, Steve Bisciotti saying that many football fans are “opposed to such a view” and suggesting that Bisciotti “inhibit such expressions” from his employee.” read the rest of the article here.


Now everybody that knows me know I support gay rights and unions but not calling it marriage. When I started reading this article initially I felt like no matter what I was going to disagree with this guy. But the way the article started I had to side with him. No employer should ever be able to tell their employee how to express their believes outside of work. Now if the guy stopped in the middle of practice or a game God- forbid and went off about this then yes you can step and say hey this is affecting our organization. Cut it out. As a football fan with an opposing view I think it is just as important for Brendon Ayanbadejo to be able to express his view as me to express mine. (or his teammate Matt Birk )

Everything Fades

Everything fades
The vibrancy of indigo
The pounding of the waves
Even the sun’s rays
EVERYthing fades
The eyes that used to twinkle
At the profoundness of your ways
Now they’re covered by shades
And even the shades aren’t as dark
Don’t hide the contempt
As well as they once did
The look in the iris leaves you wounded

But everything fades
At different rates
So what used to match
No longer goes together
Both of these were blacks
No longer shown together
Maybe its a difference in the stitching
They werent sewn together
Just gave the appearance
Whenever thrown together
Together but seperate,
Alone as ever

Everything fades
Until its a fad and its hot again
Just to be worn out
With that favorite top again
Just to be worn out
Expectations toppling
A toddler’s grin
A dynasty a rivalry
A bottle spin
Stars supernova, a cosmic end
Roses wilt, like a brilliant mind
Into unconsciousness
War leads to anarchy
Leads to unbridled sin
No Bibles then
No vows no morals
Just idle hands
But even idleness


(C) 2012 Zacarius Pierre