Mind on Mississippi

Mind on Mississippi Can’t say I’m anxious can’t say I’m worriedĀ  Can’t say nothing sweet can’t say something meanĀ  So burdened I feel buriedĀ  When I get there will things changeĀ  Will you changeĀ Ā  we still speakĀ  When I get home will it work outĀ  Will I workout will I still sleepĀ  Will I eat way too much to cover unhappiness Will the kids respect meĀ  Will they add a sir after yesĀ  Will we find a new carĀ  Have we paid taxes on this new address Getting home supposed to be a reliefĀ  What if it add stress What if we argue, what if I’m mean What if we can’t adjust what’ll it seemĀ  Like to a little girl who’s barely old enough for pigtailsĀ  Will we show love will she grow up and feel compelled To callĀ  text write and visit Or will she avoid me just like I did itĀ  With my own momĀ  Will she call me dad in her own timeĀ  Will she realize I did this for herĀ  Or appreciate that I was just blurĀ  A distant memory instead of the father figure I was meant to beĀ  Will she even remember meĀ  Where will I work what will I doĀ  will I survive ok just going to school What do I say to this kids that’s not my age That don’t know my life or why I’m this wayĀ  Or why I’m so old how I haven’t finished my degree yet Tell em Im sticking to the scriptĀ  when they don’t knowĀ  What they want to be yet I never been a loser and I dnt plan to startĀ  Just wait and hang on and see what I do with this

Schizophrenia can be Defined as Dealing with Cash Money, Again, and Expecting Different Results


Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me for not slappingĀ  the melanin out of you the first time. Recently “Lollipop” producer Jim Jonsin reached an agreement with Cash Money Records to finally receive royalties off of the multi platinum single which dropped more than three years ago. Hearing the news producer Bangladesh almost undoubtedly called everyone he knew to get similar reparations for his production credits for “A Milli”. If Bangladesh sounds familiar maybe it’s because of his work on Young Money/ Cash Money artists Nicki Minaj’s “Did It On Em” and Lil Wayne’s new single “6 foot 7foot”? You might be wondering why if Bangladesh is just working out royalty payments for “A Milli” , would he have already given Cash Money more beats before being paid for his original work? You don’t see Jim Jonsin or Play n Skillz or Mannie Fresh in any kind of rush to submit more beats. The business has outs and ends a lot of us that are on the edge and even some people on the inside don’t understand. But if B.G., who was hooked on heroin, knows to keep his distance and he toured, ate, n slept (and prolly received a few of them kisses that even I as a Cash Money fan thinks is gay) why would Bangladesh hop back on the train like Pinky when she realizes this rap shit is not for her. She needs to go ahead and be a Hollywood madam for those rich guys that secretly love black women and fried chicken. Nullus. My point is somewhere there is a mother using Bangladesh as a perfect example of why not to keep putting quarters in the machine that says “Out of Order.”