Loyola Cypher, 2K13

Yeah I know I was supposed to be on this Joint but I had some business to take care of… Without further ado here’s the 2013 Loyola Rap Cypher:

Loyola Cypher 2013


Lyriqs Da Lyraciss vs Top Billion Beef

So recently some emotions got stirred up between artists Top Billion (@topbillion) and Lyriqs Da Lyraciss (@underdogcentral). Top Billion released a diss track available here Saturday Oct. 20th. Sunday Oct. 21st a battle ensued. Lyriqs claims (I wasn’t there I can’t confirm or deny) he won. Lyriqs also responded:

Now personally i find the situation amusing. I mean I do enjoy a good battle .  But these dudes were just rocking together not too long ago:

as much as I enjoy the punchlines that come from diss tracks There’s something I enjoy more: Young blacks getting money. Working together will accomplish more than tearing each other down. Its all cheap entertainment for a while but what happens when that gets old? There’s more of an upside of working together and building the best product you can put out.

B.o.B. x Dave Chapelle


You ever notice B.o.B. looks like Dave Chapelle?

anyway check out that Ray Bands video:

ray bands


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