B.o.B. x Dave Chapelle


You ever notice B.o.B. looks like Dave Chapelle?

anyway check out that Ray Bands video:

ray bands


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On Sight

Sometimes I like to veg out
Sit in my life and stare out
Life is Iike them Louboutins
I get worn out
I know the devil tryna throw dirt on me
But if you get hit by that angel dust
Well damn smokie
I was sitting with them chickens
having visions
Staring out but this not what I envisioned
They robbing us of our thrones
But we just sit still
Wiped away our honor
But we think that we the shit still
So what we worry bout what others see
Instead of who we are and what we project
Blame our shortcomings on the things we’ve seen
But if seeing is believing we never owned a mirror
Hell look at NBA NFL or anybody that ever played scrimmage
How we supposed to get on
When we don’t own our own image
I get caught up in ownership
Guess I’m worried bout what the world sees as well
Too scared to make a scene
Too afraid to raise my voice
Guess my momma was right about children
Better seen and not heard


(c) 2012 Zacarius Pierre

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